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Custom Trim Work

Looking to add prominence and prestige to your home? Conisider upgrading your home's trim.  Adding custom trim including crown molding, baseboards, door/window casing as well as wall & ceiling trim to your home will not only improve the look of your home, but also adds value.  

Tile Work

Adding custom tile work to your space is a great way to achieve a high end look, without spending a fortune. Whether adding tile to a floor, shower or backsplash the feel of a space can easily be transformed by the use of tile.

Flooring Installation

Hardwood floors are are durable and come in a range of colors and styles that allow you to add warmth and appeal to you home. Whether you decide to go with real wood, or prefer and engineered floor, replacing carpet or tile with hardwood is a great way to transform a space. Not to mention, hardwood floors often add to a homes desirability and value when it comes time to sell.

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